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Using honey in jam-making

Jam was a great way to preserve fruit but sugar, over two thirds of which had been imported from the Austrian- Hungarian empire was in short supply. A range of recipes emerged to make jam with various substitutes – glucose or corn syrup, saccharine, salt and honey.

800px-Jam_jar Prepare and cook fruit as recipes for ordinary jam. When the fruit is cooked add ¾lb of golden syrup or honey to each pound of fruit and stir until dissolved.  Then boil fast until the jam sets when a little is put on a plate.  Keep well skimmed. Put into pots and cover in the usual way.

‘Ordinary’ recipe for Plum and Apple Jam

For every 10lb of Jam use 5lb Sugar to 5 lb Prepared Fruit ie: washed, hulled, peeled, cored, etc; 50/50 Apples/Plums.

Apples are rich in Pectin so the Jam will set nicely.  Add 1  Tablespoon of lemon juice if required to taste.

Place fruit in a large pot/bowl & sprinkle with the sugar to draw out the juice, leave for as long as is possible – overnight is  ideal, transfer fruit & sugar to preserving pan & bring to simmer gently, stirring gently to distribute fruit evenly, add lemon juice.

Boil steadily, not rapidly, or it will discolour & burn, until setting point is reached.

Once the correct result has been reached, allow to cool slightly then pour the hot jam into hot sterile jam jars.

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