Pershore WI

WW1 Food demo at Eckington Manor Cookery School

The following report was written by Jean Barton of Pershore WI

As part of our centenary celebrations 22 members of Pershore WI attended a fascinating demonstration at Eckington Manor Cookery School on 20 April 2016.


Mark & Sue Stinchcombe demonstrating WW1 recipes at Eckington Manor Cookery School

During this year we are researching the lives of the first members of Pershore WI and their various war efforts, particularly relating to food. Mark Stinchcombe (of Masterchef fame) and his wife Sue recreated some First World War recipes for us and talked about the food available at that time.

They demonstrated trench cake, which was made specially to send out to the troops as it kept well, and risotto and gnocchi, dishes which were then very popular. We were able to sample the trench cake and parkin, both of which were surprisingly good considering that only basic ingredients were available. Judy Gardner talked to us about the various ways of preserving food at that time – nothing was wasted.


Members admire the facilities before the workshop begins.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has relatives that were in Pershore WI when it first began, especially if they have any photos or stories to tell us. If you have any information please phone our President, Audrey Whitehouse, on 01386 642978.

The event has been filmed, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, so that others can join us in the experience. 

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