History of the Vale

Fantastic film about the Pershore plum pickers

This short film shows the history of Pershore Plum Pickers during WW1.  It was made by Pershore High School students, and was produced by Lisa Kimberley and Ade Holbrook, with funding from Wychavon District Council.

Lisa and Ade said

The presentation is about Plum Pickers, Fruit Growers, War, Loss & Remembrance in the Pershore area.  Although much is known about the horticulture of plums we were interested in the relationship between the people and the land and aimed our attention upon the fruit pickers.

Having carried out research into groups of plum pickers in the local area students began to focus upon the period 1914 to 1916 and considered the impact of the First World War upon local life and people involved in fruit growing and picking.

These were hard times, with communities experiencing the absence of young men who were enlisted and loss of life as a result of the war, farmers and fruit growers were put under considerable stress to try and manage their land without experienced labour. Other members of the community women, children and Pow’s were drafted to help.

What we have produced is a scripted “living newspaper” that brings to life the stories we found in local news archives and history books.

This article has been reblogged from the Pershore Plum Festival website.  Many thanks to the team for the original post.


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