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News about the wider HLF community research community

To mark International Women’s Day, our own Maggie Andrews, Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester, wrote a blog for the Heritage Lottery Fund website, in which she reflects on how Lottery funding is helping to uncover some of the lesser known stories of women in the First World War.


She describes how “one exciting output of recent HLF-funded projects is a greater understanding of women’s different local war experiences including Bristol women who worked in the Mustard Gas factories and Women Footballers of Coventry.”

The research we are doing for World War One in the Vale is proving equally exciting as it sheds light “on the challenges faced by rural women contributing both to feeding their families and local agriculture.”

Maggie recently found a letter from “One anxious soldier [who] wrote to his wife in 1915, “So sorry to think of you salting the pig without me. Do be careful not to slip on the cellar steps”. Killing and preserving the family pig were important tasks in rural households but difficult for women on their own.”

Do take a moment to read her article – it’s great to realise we are part of a much wider network of community groups, each uncovering new histories in the places where we live.

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