History of the Vale

A call on Boy Scouts, 1914

WW1_Boy-ScoutWithin days of the declaration of war, boys were being called upon to contribute to the war effort at home, in place of their fathers, brothers and uncles who had volunteered.

A report of a joint meeting of the National Farmers Union and the Market Gardeners published in the Worcester Daily Times 11th August 1914, describes some of the arrangements put into place to ensure that the autumn harvest could be gathered in, despite the departure of both men and horses.

The effect of the commandeering of horse and re-calling of men to the colours was considered. It was generally agreed that little inconvenience has been thus caused, and opinion was expressed that the selection and commandeering had been carried out by those in authority with as much care as possible in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Discussion followed as the possibility of a lack of carters for carrying the harvest, It was thought this would be met by the labourers already available but in the event of a shortage it was decided to ask local Boy Scouts to help in this, as it was apparent the Boy Scouts could render valuable help. It is hoped that labour will be plentiful in helping, because the crops are abundant. The prices of provisions in the towns are easier now.

During the war, scouts camped at Eckington Hall and helped to gather in the fruit harvest, visited on one occasion by the Chief Scout himself, Lord Baden Powell.

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