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The Last Post project

Who would you play the Last Post for?

That’s the question posed by Paul Sartin, of Bellowhead, and Superact, the arts organisation working with him on the Last Post this autumn.

We are all familiar with the haunting melody of the Last Post, usually played on a solo bugle, cornet or trumpet, beside war memorials all over the country.  This November, Superact are encouraging musicians all over the country to perform the Last Post, on any instrument, as a way of commemorating the centenary of World War One.

Arrangements of the Last Post are available on the project website, along with a number of First World War songs and tunes that you might like to play as part of a community commemoration or concert during the fortnight around Remembrance Sunday, 2014 (4th to 18th November).  If you are interested, go to the Last Post website to register your event.

Come along to our event on 16 October to find out which instrument we have chosen to play our tribute upon.

And in case you were wondering, here is Paul Sartin, explaining for whom he would play the Last Post…


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