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Many men did their duty…

When visiting Evesham last week to start planning the WW1 in the Vale event, I stopped to visit the churches of All Saints and St Laurence and to look at the memorials to local men and women.

The pair below were in All Saints, commemorating John Collins, 51, and Russell Shedden Jones, 22.  These two men of Evesham, almost 30 years apart in age, both died during World War One having both performed their public duty.  One served and died in France, the other in Evesham.

Died in WW1 collage_web

In St Laurence, I found another pair whose memorials told a similar tale.  Ernest Geoffrey Crisp, 24, who died in France in 1915, is matched by Charles Frederick Cox, who served as Mayor of Evesham during the war and died shortly afterward.

Memorials from St Laurence in Evesham.

Memorials from St Laurence in Evesham.

Each of these memorials contains a story – of life at home and away at the Front. These, and more, are the kind of stories we hope to uncover during our event. If you have similar tales to tell, or indeed, can tell us more about these men, then please come along and join us on 16 October 2014.

See below for further information about 2nd Lt Ernest Crisp sent to us by Broadway Remembers.

2 thoughts on “Many men did their duty…

  1. Ernest Geoffrey Crisp, born Evesham was the son of George E. Crisp, a Post Office Clerk from King’s Norton, and Sarah Ellen Crisp. He worked as a bank clerk in Daventry, Northamptonshire, before his enlistment with the 7th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment. He later transferred to the 15th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Died 16th December 1915 and is buried in Suzanne Communal Cemetery Extension. His headstone is inscribed with the words ‘FOR GOD AND COUNTRY FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH’.

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